Selected Research Experience

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Youth Development Lab, Lab Manager

08/2013 to present

Supervisor: Sylvie Mrug, Ph.D.

My duties as lab coordinator include a variety of tasks related to the day-to-day operation of the lab, as well as mentoring undergraduate student members of the lab.  I am responsible for training new students on the study protocols and for helping them with their personal research projects.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Youth Development Lab, Research Assistant

08/2012 to present

Supervisor: Sylvie Mrug, Ph.D.

The Youth Development lab conducts several longitudinal studies investigating mechanisms of risk for a variety of problem outcomes in childhood and adolescence.  As a research assistant, I call and schedule participants, prepare materials for subject interviews, conduct interviews, collect biological specimens, compile and format data for analysis, and use collected data to address a variety of research questions.

Drexel University, Research Assistant


Supervisor: Lauren Rosenberger, Lab Coordinator, under Kirk Heilbrun, Ph.D.

This was a 5-year study evaluating the effectiveness of the sports-mentoring program SquashSmarts in improving adjustment outcomes for middle and high school at-risk students in the inner-city area of Philadelphia.  My duties included administering a variety of assessment measures to subjects in 7th-12th grade, scoring measures, entering data, and helping to file documents for IRB Continuing Review.

Villanova University, Children’s Language Lab, Research Assistant


Supervisor: Pamela Blewitt, Ph.D.
Dr. Blewitt and several of her students conducted a variety of projects to assess language abilities of preschool aged children.  My primary duty including coding children’s conversation according to lab protocol.

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