PY 212, Developmental Psychology

PY 212: Developmental Psychology (3 credit hours, 101 students): Summer 2014

Position: Teaching Assistant

Instructor: Maria I. Hopkins, Ph.D.

Syllabus: PY212 Syllabus Su14

Course Description: 

This online course examines change throughout the lifespan in social relationships, emotional functioning, language, cognition, and other psychological domains. The student is introduced to major theories of development, and learns about the interaction of social and cognitive factors in development. The course explores the interaction of the developing person with the environment, along with individual and cross-cultural differences in patterns of development, as well as research issues in developmental psychology. Students are expected to integrate their personal experiences, knowledge of psychology, and their observations of human development with the content of this course

Duties and Responsibilities:

My responsibilities for this course primarily involved grading.  Specifically, I was charged with grading weekly online discussion questions.  I also helped field student issues and concerns rising from the switch of online platform from Blackboard Learn to Canvas.


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