PY 214, Elementary Statistics and Design

Semesters Taught: Fall 2013 (180 students); Summer 2014 (42 students)

Position: Teaching Assistant, Guest Lecturer

Instructor: Bulent Turan, Ph.D. & Olivio Clay, Ph.D.

Syllabus: PY 214, Fall 2013 ; PY 214, Summer 2014

Course Description:

This is a required course for undergraduate psychology  and nursing majors.  Descriptive and inferential statistics are discussed with an emphasis on applying the same in behavioral science.  Special attention is paid to interpreting results of hypothesis testing as they apply to drawing conclusion regarding a specific hypothesis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

My duties in this course included grading all exams, offering one-on-one or small group help with homework assignments and test review during office hours, creating  novel materials for and leading a series of Supplemental Instruction and Exam Review sessions on all topics, and guest lecturing during selected class sections.


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