PY 716L, Lab for Intro to Statistics


Semesters Taught: Fall 2013 (18 students)

Position: Course instructor

Syllabus: PY 716-L, Fall 2013

Course Description:

This course is designed as the laboratory supplement to PY 716, Intro to Statistics. Psychology graduate students are introduced to SAS, a statistical computer program, and instructed in using SAS to conduct a number of statistical analyses.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Through the use of lecture and laboratory exercises, I taught students how to effectively use SAS.  Topics covered included importing data into the program, running descriptive statistics, assessing correlations, performing multiple iterations of the t-test, and one way analysis of variance.  In addition to showing students how to run these analyses, I also instructed them on how to interpret the results in light of the research questions being asked and how to effectively communicate those findings in writing.


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